The Engagement Party – A Women’s Murder Club Fic 4a/5

For WMC Day. For those who still love it. But especially for B, who just can’t quit it 🙂

And obviously I don’t own any of it. Except for the parts that I do.


Resigned to making the best of the wedding/OCNA party, Lindsay and Cindy started making the rounds, meeting the other members of their support group. Penis-happy as I was made, even I had to admit what an incredibly tempting group they were.

How hot these women were together! Why would anyone choose not to acknowledge them?

Claire and I made the rounds as well, and that’s when things started to go awry. More so than they had already.

Not long after Lindsay and Cindy split from us, a new couple came in.

“Sorry, we’re late,” the tall blonde said. “Jordan has no sense of timeliness.”

“Actually, I can be perfectly timely,” the tall blonde’s darker-haired partner responded, tipping onto her toes and thrusting her hands into the back pockets of her jeans in a casual manner that seemed to drive the blonde crazy. “Lu here is the one who wanted an orgasm before we left.”

“Oh my God,” the blonde returned. “Do you have no filter at all?”

“Yeah,” the darker-haired woman returned. “I like to keep it in the off position.”

The blonde rolled her eyes and the darker-haired woman seemed particularly proud of herself.

“You’re not late,” Claire assured them. “The party’s just getting started.”

“Oh, cool,” the relaxed dark-haired one said, sliding her arm around the blonde’s waist. “So, which two are you?”

“Which what are we?” I asked in confusion.

“What are your screen names in group?” the blonde asked.

“What?” Claire’s eyes went wide. “No, we’re not… I’m married. Jill’s…” Claire cast her eyes to me, “well taken care of. We’re not um…”

“We’re not an obvious couple nobody acknowledges,” I finished for her, and Claire nodded her agreement.

“Right, of course,” the darker-haired one said, and slid her arm from the blonde’s waist to pull her away by the hand. “Let’s get a drink.”

“You would at least think they would acknowledge it,” the blonde whispered as she was led away.

“Hey,” a voice called before I could explain to the woman that Claire and I were not a couple, obvious, unacknowledged, or otherwise. “Come here a sec.”

Turning to find the woman in the leather jacket, the possessor of the strange seductive aura, standing alongside a striking blonde and beckoning us forward, I moved toward her on automatic, Claire right at my side.


“I’m Bo,” the woman put her hand out.

I took it and felt a jolt of electricity from fingertips to naughty bits. Suddenly, I wanted to fall into the woman’s arms, build her a house, and dump Denise. Hold up a second, my mind supplied fuzzily, did that mean Denise and I are an OCNA?

“This is Lauren,” the woman said, sliding her hand from mine. “Could you go get us some drinks.”

“Sure,” Claire was the first to respond and started a direct line for the food table.

“No,” the blonde named Lauren reached out to stop Claire’s mission, and turned her eyes to the brunette in leather. “Bo, that is so wrong. You can’t misuse your power like that. We can get our own drinks.”

“But I’m happy to do it,” Claire responded, and I felt a surge of anger break through the haze on Claire’s behalf.

“What power?” I demanded, grabbing Claire to keep her from running off.

“It’s nothing,” Lauren tried to minimize the bizarreness of the situation.

“You weren’t saying that last night,” the dark-haired seductress replied.

“You should go.” The blonde’s words were almost a warning. “She’s hard to resist.”

“What are you saying, Lauren?” Bo turned to the blonde, and Claire was suddenly released from the hold the strange woman had on her, “That you would resist if you could?”

“No,” Lauren replied. “I knew what I was getting into. Dyson is what you really want. I’m more of a consolation prize. But, you’re a succubus and I can’t help wanting you, so I have to take what I can get.”

Turning to Claire, I found her wide eyes already staring at me. ‘Succubus,’ we mouthed in unison.

“It is not like that,” Bo stated emphatically.

“Really?” Lauren tossed back. “Because it often feels that way.”

“Well, is there someone you’d rather be with?”

“I don’t know,” Lauren shrugged, but her face remained pained. “Sometimes I think Kenzi and I would make a cute couple.”

Bo, the succubus, gasped, and I reached out for Claire’s hand, wondering if we might all be sucked into some supernatural portal. She lunged at Lauren, her hands thrusting into the other woman’s hair and pulling her head back just enough to make sure she had her full attention.

“Dyson could never replace you,” Bo said softly, her lips hovering over Lauren’s. “I wouldn’t want him to.”

“Dammit, Bo,” Lauren murmured and, suddenly, they were kissing. Really kissing. Like all out, explicit, never-to-be-seen-on-network-TV tongue dueling.

“We’re just gonna…” I heard Claire start to say, and then, against my will, I was dragged off.


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