Black Forest: Magicks Rise Release & Riley LaShea is On Sale

Before I tell you about my super exciting, ultra-awesome, one-day blowout sale situation, I must let you know that Black Forest: Magicks Rise is going to be delayed by a day. That’s right. One day. It will be up and available for purchase at Amazon and Smashwords on Wednesday, July 23rd.

The good news is, unless you are on absolute tenterhooks regarding the goings on in the Black Forest, I suspect you would choose to hold off on your purchase until a few days after the release anyway. Here’s why –

This Saturday, I turn 35. I once read 35 is the birthday when you officially become old. So, in honor of becoming old, I am holding a one-day sale of all things Riley LaShea. All my books (including Magicks Rise) will be $3.50 all day on July 26th. (I know it’s cheesy, just go with it.) At least, it will work out that way in Europe and the U.S. I will start the sale price the night before and return to normal pricing on Sunday, July 27th. I’m not sure how that works out for you other time zones, but trust there will be sale pricing some time around Saturday.

So, yeah, a small delay, but also a sale. So, if you have any of my books on your “To Read” list, Saturday is a good day to make that purchase.

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