Behind the Green Curtain (The 8th-ish Anniversary Paperback)

With an epilogue only available in paperback format (for now).

I’m just kiddin’. There’s no 8th-ish anniversary celebration for Behind the Green Curtain. This is just how long it took me to finally put it into paperback form.

Not kiddin’ about the epilogue, though.

That’s right, same ole Behind the Green Curtain now with 4% more book!

So, anyway, it’s out there on Amazon, soon to be coming to Barnes & Noble as well.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me about signed copies, and I’ll be putting a page up for those in just a few days. Once available, I’ll sell copies for a spell, then take the page down and order and ship said copies all at the same time. (Likely in late-October/early-November. I know that’s a minute, sorry.) But, like I said, that’s all coming soon and will be better explained on the sales page.

I would say the important thing is that the paperback version of BtGC (complete with epilogue) is done and out there if you want it. But, perhaps, the more important thing is the epilogue. A lot of people wanted a little “after the drama” denouement, so I’ve done my best.

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