Rizzoli & Isles

Or, as I like to call it, Women’s Murder Club Redux

I want to look forward to this, I do. But, every time I see the promos, it just looks like a less awesome version of Women’s Murder Club, without the super-combustible Angie-Redhead chemistry.

Well, I just saw the most recent promo on TNT and this was in it –


And all I can think is… This could have been Redhead lying next to her! This should have been Redhead lying next to her! (Ignore the fact that, character for character, it would have been Lindsay and Claire, not Lindsay and Cindy, and just go with it). I don’t care if this scene is totally chaste. If it were Angie and Redhead, it would delightfully haunt the back of my mind for the rest of my life.

Of course, if Angie and Redhead had filmed a seen like this, they would have needed one of those invisible fences down the center of the bed and shock collars to keep them off each other.

Sigh, I still hate you ABC.

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  1. I feel your pain. Boy, do I feel your pain.

    The first promo I saw Jane says to Maura something like: “Tell me you didn’t want to dissect people when you were a kid.” And was like: ” NO! NO! NO!! that’s not the line. The line is Tell me you didn’t drive this here…”

    I want to just sit back and enjoy, but it is so gonna hurt.

  2. I’m hell-bent to enjoy even if it means that I’ll be over my head in denial. I also promised D some TLC when the WMC echoes get real bad, still everything you said is true. I’m having a strange déjà-vu here anyway, because I picked up the Tess Gerritsen series after being slightly disappointed with the direction JP took after Jill’s death. And I always thought, ‘it’s half a WMC’!

    That scene… it should have been L/C. Granted, it would have made our TVs explode, but it should have been them.

    Hating ABC? Let’s be a club.

  3. I knew I’d get some backup. But I thought we already were a club!

    And, yes, I agree TVs would have been exploding everywhere. But I would have been okay with regularly replacing the TV if it meant some weekly Angie/Redhead lovin’.

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