The Guy Who Intentionally Had a Period

I read this story sitting in a New York hotel room back in March, and meant to share it then, but I kept putting it off until it finally got lost in browser Neverland. The other day, I remembered it and found it again, and, finally, I get to share it.

There is something exceptionally brave in doing an ordinary thing that is taboo in one’s culture.

There is something extraordinarily compassionate about putting a world of effort into solving a problem that doesn’t, and can never possibly, have a direct impact on one’s self.

There is something deeply romantic about a gift that doesn’t say, “I spent a fortune so you could wear this and the world can see how much I spoil you,” but says instead, “Let’s do whatever it takes to find a way to make sure you are healthy. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks.”

There is something inspiring about anyone who keeps going, even when everyone turns against him, and betters people’s lives for it.

That’s this story –

The Indian Sanitary Pad Revolutionary


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