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    Awesome. Gush, gush, gush!!

    “I’d tell Cindy how I felt about her.”


    More please?

  2. I’d give anything to be able to see the cast act ou those scenes.

    Ha! Of course Jill made the whole thing up. 🙂

    C’mon Linz, how many more confirmations do you need?

  3. I literally said “ha!” when I found out Jill made it all up – brilliant choice.

    And this story is just made of win.

  4. “I cannot believe you saw that,” Lindsay grumbled as Jill got up from her desk.

    “I didn’t,” Jill proudly smirked

    So much YAY!

  5. “I’ve been known to be interested in people that way.” – *snerk*

    “I’d tell Cindy how I felt about her,” – OK, I just sprayed my monitor with Cheez-It crumbs. Note to self: spit takes are better with liquid.

    “I cannot believe you saw that,” / “I didn’t,” – Oh, tricky trick tricky! I love it!

    Fantastic chapter

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