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  1. I knew that something like this was going to happen. Doesn’t mean I don’t feel for Jill, though. Ouch. It’s true that Cindy couldn’t stay with Jill just because she got to her first – that wouldn’t be right, but it still hurts and I’m scared that it has caused irreparable damage. CLAIRE!!!HELP!

  2. Omg, I actually just did cry for Jill. Poor girl – even if what she tried to do was like trying to make time go backwards. And now I have a bit of a guilty conscience b/c I ran to read and didn’t even wait for D, but I hope that she’ll forgive me. Bribing people with vids is my new thing, and it seems to work nicely so far.
    Aw, poor Jill. Poor Cindy.

  3. I really don’t know what to say . who shall we be sad for is it Cindy, Lindsay or Jill. Although my heart with Linds but I can’t help feel it for Jill. Can’t wait to see what going to happened next hope Lindsay will be fine and will not do something stupid because Cindy left with Jill, hope she will be fine till cindy come back to her.

  4. Tears of laughter from Conversation with Heather, tears of sadness form conversation with Jill

    How do you do it? Of all the Riley laSheas in the world, you’re the Riley LaShea-iest 🙂

    And B is totally forgiven, not that there was actually anything to forgive.

  5. For as bad i feel for Jill i cant say im sorry for her.. she knew all the time that Cindy had Linds in her heart from the beginning.. i just hope Linds do not do anything stupid like push Cindy away.. and knowing her i think its what she will do..

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