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  1. If you wanna move up here, once B and I are married, we’ll adopt you and Shawna. And as far as chores are concerned… well you can kinda guess what those would be 😉

    Quoting my future wife: “Not until you write your fic for the day, young lady.”


  2. Colorado is good in theory, but Denver proper doesn’t have great air and there are no other cities that meet the “real city” criteria. Also, I’ve really got to come to terms with the fact that, while I can survive anywhere, I really am an east coast girl.

    Heh. So wait… I get adopted… I get out of here… I get universal healthcare… my daily chore is living in Lindy-land… and I get vids for watching? Yes, I do believe that’s a good arrangement 😉

    We actually have considered that move, upward that way… it’s been in the mix for a while.

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