Endangered Koalas

Some scientists want koalas declared endangered, because apparently they are. This article says so –> this one right here <– and since it’s a Time article I’m going to assume that some fact-checking happened prior to publication, even if in the process of said fact-checking no one noticed the repeated use of “koala bear.”

As the former owner of some three-hundred or so koala marsupials (okay, stuffed, yes, but considerably cuddlier than real ones), I feel especially disappointed in us humans.

All of our building and deforestation and pollution and what do we get? A world without koalas, that’s what. We’re koala killers! Okay, so the Chlamydia isn’t really our fault… ¬†at least as far as I know… but the rest of this is all us.

Oh, human race people, please let’s not us extinct the koalas. Haven’t we already done enough?


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