2 A.M. News Flash

Or – I Just Want to Close the Tabs in My Browser

I’ve been a little busy, but a lot has happened in the news this week, so here’s a little unnecessary commentary on news that’s quickly turning old.

1. Promiscuous Women Cause Earthquakes – released Wednesday, April 21 – absurdity level: off the charts

Women show skin. Men get horny. The Earth quakes in fury. Why?

2 – Blogger Calls for Boobquake – released Thursday, April 22 – absurdity level: awesome

In response to the Promiscuous Women Cause Earthquakes article, protest and scientific experiment in one. Monday, April 26, keep it slutty and let’s rock this world. This chic is funny!

3 – Knock-Offs Go to Haiti – released Wednesday, April 21 – absurdity level: surprisingly kind

Counterfeit designer clothes that would normally be destroyed are being sent to Haiti instead. Good call.

4 – Why Were CIA Interrogation Tapes Destroyed? – released Thursday, April 22 – absurdity level: duh

It’s definitely a story, but is it really a question?

5 – Comedy Central Censors South Park – released Wednesday, April 21 – absurdity level: sad

Freedom of Speech = protecting the rights of terrorists to spew hatred until those they hate are too afraid to speak. You go, Constitution!

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  1. So apparently, according to Pat Roberts, the earthquake in Haiti was b/c of a pact they made with the devil in the 18th century? Um, if that’s the case, I would have thought God could have struck them down long before now. Why wait almost 300 years? I mean, he made the world in 7 days – 6 actually.

    That Boobquake thing is hilarious.

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