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  1. Very cool. The only thing missing is a graphic of a US map with a miniature Trailblazer moving across it that we could fallow. But I know that CGI is probably not a priority. 😉 You have other things to do like…

    OMFG!! Do I have my facts straight? Are you writing for the WMC VS? Cause that’s fucking AWSOME!!

    On the Cinderella front, I finished it. It was very, very good. I loved it. I loved her. And I agree it would make terrific movie. Maybe it’s because of your Hotties list but I could totally picture Wendy Crewson as Queen Ino and for some reason the mirror sounded like Jeremy Irons in my head. And don’t you think little kiddies would love to have a Togo or Norco with their Happy Meals? Maybe after you make it big in Hollywood, I’ll happen.

    Happy trails!

  2. Funny that you mention the missing mini Trailblazer. It won’t be a mini Trailblazer, but I’m working up something.

    You do have your facts straight 😉 More on that later.

    Interesting that you mentioned Wendy in conjunction with my book too… because I actually used her as my model while writing, not for Queen Ino… but for Caratasa.

    It’s okay, you can happen if I make it in Hollywood 🙂

    Yes indeed… a big emotional breakdown and Cedar Point… actually all in one twenty-four hour period. Now that’s living!

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