A Fuzzy Holiday Screenplay

I just finished work on what is apparently a “warm and fuzzy” holiday drama. I didn’t know.

Now I’ve got one week to polish it for the Nicholl Fellowship deadline on May 1st.

Warm and fuzzy? Hrm. Maybe. It is after all a holiday drama. But I think my warm, fuzzy movie has some very cool elements. We’ll see if it ends up being too cuddly for Nicholl glory.

Note to self: stop creating characters that are ridiculously challenging to write, like, for instance, stand-up comedians. I am so not a stand-up comedian.

I actually thought that I was going to work on this screenplay in a serene Hawaiian setting. Then, I thought that I was going to work on it while we were in California. But Hawaii was too beautiful, and exhausting, to even consider working, and California went to Hell so fast, I couldn’t do anything but sit there with my head in my hands going, “What the fuck happened?”

That’s why I’ve spent the past eight days screenplaying it… which is the only reason that I haven’t finished spring cleaning the apartment.

Well that and the fact that they decided to spread ten truckloads of fertilizer around the complex this week.

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