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  1. I agree with every single statement. Plus, how about Liza Minnelli having a seizure on stage? With all due respect to her past accomplishments, that was…painful to watch.

    I should have tuned out after, but I just wanted to find out how bad it could get…wow little did I know.

    I’m told it was little reminiscent of variety shows of yore. What with Alec Baldwin being plastered and all.

    However, Jane Krakowski looked hot, and those giveaways were pretty cool. Speaking of which… 😉

  2. Like Tara I missed it. But I can imagine the horror. Everything Rosie has done since (or before) “A League of Their Own” has been pretty crap or irritating or both. The same goes for Madonna actually.
    Um, I don’t really get your comment about acting ‘bi’. I didn’t watch Rosie, so I don’t know about her, but with Ellen I don’t think she does anything to diminish her lesbian status. I mean my very gay Aunt flirts with her male friends as a joke all the time, I don’t think my other Aunt thinks her partner is bi. If anything when Ellen or my Auntie “Flirt” with a bloke they tend go so far over the top you’d have to be in a coma to not notice its a joke!

  3. As a long time Rosie supporter I have to say I was very disappointed. The hype around that show was astronomical! But in the end when the curtain lifted it left me wishing I had not tuned in. It was NOTHING like the variety shows it had been compared to, “carol burnett” and “sonny and cher”
    It lacked the lustre and polish that those shows did.

    Liza was a joke, and should have been left under the stage!

    I highly doubt it will be picked up for regular broadcast in the new year. If it IS they had better do some major reworking….

  4. I really thought that this would be good for Rosie, just the kinda thing she should do.

    If it weren’t so early I think I’d start drinking, if only to wash out the god awful taste.

  5. I was actually just talking about Rosie acting bi. Ellen couldn’t act bi if she mounted a guy’s face. Rosie has a tendency to use hetero-ness to make people comfortable. It annoyed me the entire time she had her talk show. It still annoys me.

    Jane Krakowski did indeed look hot. It would have been nice if Rosie had acknowledged that for instance. It would have been a nice contrast to her exclusively male flirting.

    Yes, it did leave a bitter taste in the mouth, didn’t it?

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