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  1. I haven’t read the book nor have I seen the movie so I can’t really judge the “Twilight” story but I have not problem judging SM for her Mormon affiliation.

    Mormons wanting to save the sanctity of marriage. That’s irony, right? And not the Alanis kind. (thank you again, Liz Estrada 🙂 ) And if I’m not mistaking, didn’t the Mormons found their own state to avoid prejudice and persecution? Anywho…

    What I want to know is; Does the mushroom ravioli come with funny brownies for dessert?

  2. I’ve read Twilight and I don’t really understand why it’s so big considering the writing is atrocious. The worst thing is that Twilight is the type of book where even though the writing is bad, you have to finish what you started to see if it can possibly get any worse. It does. I’ve only read the first to books before I asked myself, “Self, do you really want to be known as an S&M freak?” After that brief conversation, I decided to stop reading.

    As for Danylle, she should ask herself what the hell is wrong with her sex life that she’s getting all sexed up for a homage to a teenage couple as opposed to her significant other? Being that into a fandom of a teenage pairing is a bit weird, when it’s someone who’s almost at the cusp of middle age (is she?) then it’s downright pedo-ish.

    When Harry Potter fans dress up as their favorite characters, it’s fun, but when Twilight fans do it, it’s scary.

  3. Heh… funny brownies. I also haven’t read Twilight. I did pick it up in the bookstore once to see what the fuss was about. It took me less than five pages to realize I would never get through it.

    Closing in on middle age at 31? Wow, chic must have a short life expectancy 😉

  4. Closing in on middle age? Now that really scares me. I’ve heard only bad things about Twilight and its author: That it’s boring, misogynistic, and that the gal who’s writing it doesn’t seem to care much about their fans – well, except, obviously, making a lot of money from them. [about JP what you want, but he links to fanfiction on his official page (just, sadly, not to the VS ;)).]

    The whole percentage for the Mormon church thing – the last straw.

    I love the idea of the giveaway for Christmas, btw, but I’m too much in awe to go play in your universe. 🙂

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