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  1. Are those the same leprechauns who steal socks from the dryer? Where were day last Spring? Couldn’t they have rigged WMC’s Nielsen demos?

  2. “where were ‘day’ ” wtf!

    ROTFL at my own fried brain! Which apparently can also happen with too much internet 🙂

    (that’s what I get for procrastinating, back to work)

  3. The leprechauns move car keys and put dings in doors. Missing socks are sucked through a wormhole in the back of the dryer to be used in alien sock puppet theater.

    I’m thinking I would skew the Nielsen rating, if it was hooked up to my computer. There are nights at work when I watch 6-7 hours of TV on DVD, and then go home and watch what I’ve got on DVR, and then before bed I might watch some of what I’ve downloaded because my DVR was full.

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