Nothing Ever Gets Done Until You Have a Deadline

Proven. At least for me.

Tuesday morning I did an interview for Creative Screenwriting magazine. Basically, it consisted of the interviewer being very nice and patient while I blundered like an idiot for 50 minutes. I think she’ll make me sound good, regardless of how much it may have seemed like I was puffin’ away on the ole crack pipe while trying to answer her questions. Bless the editorial team for giving me someone who seemed so genuinely gracious. Left to anyone else, I’d be seriously concerned that the article would begin “Riley LaShea, what a douche.”

Anyway, knowing that I am now limited on time to have my site back up fully, I did a little work today. For anyone who is interested, the “About” page has been updated. And for those of you who have editor-like tendencies (you know who you are), please let me know by comment or email if you find any mistakes. Grazie.

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  1. Excellent, light and informative. Since I have editor tendencies:

    para 2 – couple OF years
    para 3 – If I am being picky, the first sentence is awkward and the reader has to pause to make sense of it. The ‘them’ is supposed to refer to ‘teen years’ but the sentence construction makes it seem to refer to ‘Unpopular’.

  2. Para 4: toe-to-toe should be hyphenated in this sense, methinks.
    I’d also replace “addictively traveling” with something like “nursing my growing addiction to traveling.” Wordier but still less awkward to me. 🙂

    Good stuff, though!

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