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  1. ok, i’ve gathered that you’re trying to tell us one of two things:

    1. you feel as if your life is on a “commcerial break” right now. the show started off up beat and full of optimism. the plot began to thicken as you reached out to take certain risks and just before the joyful climax where everything works out…. commerical break. like ryan seacrest on american idol (anyone absolutely hate that guy?).

    so now, you’re riding out this commercial break. unfortunately, it happens to be one of those really, really long commerical breaks. perhaps even one of those commercial breaks where the volume seems to increase to unbearable levels but there’s nothing you can do to turn it down because you’ve misplaced the remote and you’re too lazy to get up and do it manually! why can’t the show just come back on?!?! and this how you feel your life is right now. or….

    2. are you going to be in a commercial???

  2. Okay. I feel one of two things are at work here.

    1. You are WAY over-thinking this.


    2. You are high.

    Though I did enjoy your commecial analogy. I would amend it though. No one could say the show started off “up beat and full of optimism,” and there wasn’t a lot of rolling along through plot. It’s more like the show was pre-empted for an infomercial before it had a chance to begin.

  3. like Bionic Woman? it started out bad, got worse, and then got canceled?

    i may have over thought. i had the day off and got really bored.

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