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  1. HA! three lines into this i thought, “oh no, it’s acryllic nail lady!” i’m so sorry riley, that’s no good dream. we’ve got to come up with some way to dissolve those things without her knowledge.

    on a side note: i rarely come home from a bad day (my job rocks everything). so you’re posts simply add to the awesomeness of my days. they often provide me with just the morning laugh i need to get me off a good note. so really, you set the tone for many of my good days!

    um, on another note: i’ve already voiced my concern for cinderella’s well being. however, i’m becoming concerned for another aspect of the story. i’m nervous something specific might happen that would greatly upset me. if this thing were to happen, i hate to say it, but i would never, ever, ever buy anything you wrote ever again! movie, play, book, television, nothing. and i would never make a shirt with your face on it for a premiere (not that i’ve ever done that).

  2. who needs narnia when you have Cinderella’s Rebellion?

    i’ve spent the past few hours shaking a fist in the air while muttering “grriiiimmmmmm” under my breate, i laughed hysterically at everyone and their mom kissing Snow White, i thought to myself, “really, riley, an earthquake,” but in the end it all paid off.

    what a satisfingly fantastic story! i don’t want to give anything away to future readers, but i was way off base with my initial fears. i should have given you more credit. so when you move those last 2,000 copies, you’re writing another???

    and, yes, for the list weirdo. the face on the shirt was a random jessica biel, jessica alba contest between my husband and i. i think biel, he thinks alba. we wore t-shirts to a retreat (which is an idea spawned from a random lord of the rings premiere incident, long story).

    is this is longest comment ever?

  3. nope, my first one on this post was longer. also, aluminum foil her cubicle. it will be the first step in a long list of steps to get her to quit. it’s very late/early, i’m going to bed. i owe my late night.

  4. oops…. forgot the “to you.” i’m so very tired. hope all these comments don’t annoy you….

  5. I’m annoyed. I am. Terribly 🙂

    No wonder my list is going to be such a disappointment for you. I’m so with your husband on this Alba/Biel thing.

    And I’m so glad that you liked my book. I like to think it’s worth reading. My mom randomly called me Saturday to tell me that she was reading it for the third time, and she loved it again, but she is hardly an unbiased reader.

    I also happen to think it would make a fantastic movie 🙂

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