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  1. Wow! Love it! We get to watch the episode whenever without using the Fast Forward button. Thanks.

    I had seen your “you and me” vid on you tube. And I love it too.

    Don’t know if you saw the sneak peek for the next episode over at, but there will be L/C touching and back rubbing.

    If I apply your theory from a few post back, and close my eyes, is tomorrow night gonna get here faster?

  2. So, did you try the closing your eyes thing? The answer is, yes, it would have worked. I don’t know why it does, but it does. It’s like… physics or something.

    Yeah, the pancake thing was a special kind of adorable.

  3. Sure did. Totally worked. Cause here we are t minus 22 min. Ok. So I didn’t actually keep my eyes closed for 2 straight days but I tried it a few minutes this afternoon and I do believe it worked.

    I’m filling this technique under “things to do when you’re bored and/or annoyed” joining the -I’m squishing your head- thing

    I forgot to mention before that the ending to the video is well worth the wait. Not that the wait is tough…cause you know…all the pretty.

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