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  1. Are you makin’ fun of ME? (wimper, sniff, wink!) Thanks for watchin’ my lil hooligans this weekend. ( you too Shawna!)
    Love, the Worthless Wenchs’ Conforming Sister

  2. I would never ever make fun of you! You are an exceedingly patient person and the best mother I have ever seen, and that is the absolute truth. You are the type of person who should be having and raising kids, because you do it right! It’s more of an aggravated testimony that you get punished if your life doesn’t take you in the “right” direction. Like mine. I am a bad, bad person : )

  3. Aww shucks, I’m not all that- well, okay maybe I am. (hehehe) I completely understood what you were saying & I agree with you 110%.( Do you think you can seriously blog, tell me about it & not expect me to jazz ya, c’mon you know me better than that!) Actually, you wouldn’t believe the shit I get about choosing to stay at home with my kids! Some people ALWAYS find a reason to degrade you-bastards! You’re not a bad person- I shall call you a “free spirit”!

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