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  1. Hey there. So D & I still like it, while we watch, at least. Then we go watch a WMC vid and get a little heartbroken again… and I don’t think the mixed emotions will ever end. This time I really got everything a fan could ask for, stayed up to date on everything thank to twitter and Facebook (which I extremely like but kinda couldn’t let go for fannish reasons). I got to chat with Tess Gerritsen, and everybody’s so excited… makes me feel a little bad, but there’s a place where I can’t go and a kind of love I can’t give. R&I is like the best friend who’s great to have. WMC is like the lover you’ll never get over.

  2. I’m sorry. I can’t. Honestly, I got maybe 2 minutes into the episode and I had to stop. It was embarrassing and painful. If I wanted to watch a brilliant forensic scientist with absolutely no social skills, I’ll turn on Bones, and if I wanna see Angie Harmon be a badass cop, I’ll watch WMC.

    Also, I was already dealing with Partick Bridges, I can’t handle Patrick Fabian as well. Seeing him on screen makes me want to take a shower. Even moreso than Bryce Johnson. Why are all these actors I hate to watch getting cast?

  3. The thing is, it’s not that I don’t like R&I in comparison to WMC. I don’t like R&I at all. And I definitely don’t like it in comparison to The Closer, which is far superior in every way.

    “Why are all these actors I hate to watch getting cast?” – It’s a conspiracy.

  4. I’m sticking to my me no likey. I do love AH (drool), but I’m sticking to catching up to the point where CM boots all the pretty ladies.

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