Redhead Gets A Gig

Does everyone know that Redhead is going to be on Ugly Betty next Wednesday? Do you all know that she’s like the lead guest star in the episode? Do you realize that she was supposed to be on tonight, but that Ugly Betty was preempted last week because some people care about the state of the union or something, which pushed last week’s episode to tonight and Redhead’s episode seven days further away from me?

Are you aware that when you type “Redhead” into IMDB, it doesn’t actually bring up Redhead? I found this out by accident earlier when I momentarily forgot that the entire world doesn’t refer to Redhead as Redhead. Don’t worry. When you type in Aubrey Dollar, Redhead’s page comes right up.

So, it’s February 10th, ABC (not my fault), 10pm.

Charlie Brown Valentine is on at 8pm the same night. If you’re going to hop into bed with the devil, you may as well do every position.

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  1. Are you aware that I had no idea about that news? Are you aware you’ve made my week? πŸ˜€ Are you aware that B and I have been praying to see Redhead again somewhere, anywhere, ever since we last spotted her here ..with you?

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop and well the Devil is gonna have a full bed.

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