My Homage to Conn’s potato chips

As a child, growing up in Ohio, I thought a potato chip was a potato chip. When you only ever eat one brand, you have no reason to think any differently. Then, I grew up, went out into the world and ate potato chips of all makes and models. One day, I came to the realization that I didn’t actually like potato chips at all. I found them a greasy, fatty mess, with few redemptive qualities. I became a hater.

Back in Ohio I had a hankering one day out of the blue, and bought the potato chips of my youth, Conn’s wavy potato chips. I pulled open the vacuum-sealed checked bag and took a chance on chips one more time. That’s when it occurred to me. I was never a hater. I was just spoiled.

Conn’s potato chips are the ambrosia of potato chips. They are fresher, they crunch better, and, oddly enough, they actually taste like potatoes. Are potato chips supposed to? They still don’t possess many redemptive qualities, but they do have one. They’re freakin’ tasty!

To all of you who live outside of the Conn’s delivery area, sucks to be you.

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