In Dolly We Trust

We were totally lovin’ on the post-Thanksgiving sales… online, of course, though we did make a mad dash out on Black Friday to pick up one gift we’d already bought for someone at a considerably lower price. The parking lot wasn’t even half full and we got in and out of the checkout line in like two minutes… so, yeah, score.

Anyway, in our discounted holiday shopping, we picked up Dolly: Live From London for our own selves. It just so happens that “Backwoods Barbie” & “Coat of Many Colors” are back-to-back in the CD insert and so I noticed the year that each song was originally published. 1969 for “Coat of Many Colors” & 2007 for “Backwoods Barbie”.

Such excellence nearly 40 years apart. Un-fuckin’-real.

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