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  1. It is a sign of your exceptional writing that I am feeling a strong sense of empathy for entirely fictional characters. Excellent chapter thanks.

  2. You know how utterly in love I am with this. Might go up next to Inamorata as the favorite, love, love the emotional pain and drama. And, as much as I feel Jill’s pain, I feel safe knowing that the people right for each other will be together in the end.

  3. This is so wonderfully heartbreaking (if that makes any sense) and an awesome read. I can’t say it enough, thank you. 🙂

  4. But she didn’t have the right to act like such an arctic bitch. – Ooh, I like that term

    sleeping at Cindy’s apartment, lying awake, heart thrumming and fluttering so out of control she just marveled at her own body, and Cindy sound asleep against her. – It’s an adorable image, but I can’t help thinking that Cindy’s wrapped around the wrong person 🙁

    Lindsay could revoke her friendship at any time, but she couldn’t take away the things they’d already shared. She couldn’t take away the things that Jill already knew. – Dig that

    But she couldn’t deny the anguish in Lindsay’s movements either, or the strained expression of fortitude that couldn’t quite hide the shattered interior. – Aww 🙁

    “If I have to choose, I pick Cindy.” / “So do I,” Lindsay declared instead. – Daaaamn

    She truly wanted to know Lindsay’s magic equation, but when Lindsay finally stopped avoiding her gaze and looked up again, Jill wished she could withdraw the question. She knew that it was loaded. She just didn’t anticipate how willing Lindsay would be to pull the trigger. – Dig that

    “When I find out you’ve screwed someone else in your office,” Lindsay uttered low. “I’m not keeping your secret this time.” – Ouch! Damn, Linds, that was cold.

    “Fuck you, Lindsay.” – :`(

    This is intense and awesome.

  5. Gosh.. i had completely forgotten about that fiction and thank God i was surfing my bookmarks and bammm.. so glad that i had the chance to read the last chapters..

    man.. that story breaks me.. i can feel their pain but even when i feel terrible for Jill i have to agree that she is not right for Cindy and not because she was a little ‘slutty’ but because in Cindy’s heart that is only space for 1 right.. and that right person is Lindsay..

    hope you update that fiction soon.. im dying to know what comes next.

    thank you..

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