Behind the Green Curtain: Cover Preview

Damn. Time is a bullet right now, moving a little fast for my reflexes. I do still have a book coming out on September 17th, though. Who knew?

Since time has gotten away from me, I have been lax in my self-pimping, but here’s the plan. At some point on Friday (fates willing), I will be sending a sneak preview to my email list. Early next week, I will post a different preview on my blog.

For now, here’s the cover. I have gotten some really positive feedback on it (“wow, that’s intriguing”), and some really negative feedback on it (“wow, that’s shit”). Shawna thinks it looks like an old movie poster. I like that it’s different (which I suspect is why some people don’t like it). If you have an opinion that won’t make me cry, feel free to share it. If you have an opinion that will make me cry, please pose it as constructive criticism and I will try to accept it with a modicum of dignity.

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