Books on Sale and Some (Mostly) Kind Words About Club Storyville

I walked into a bathroom door yesterday morning. Hard too. It was one of those doors designed to close by itself (in a hotel bathroom… no clue why), and I pulled it open, looked away for a second, then walked right into the side of it.

It’s not the first time I’ve done something like this. Not by a long shot. It did, however, mark only the second time I have walked into a door or wall hard enough to bleed. Apparently, when walking, I lead with my head. This was the first double-bleed, though. My glasses cut me twice, right at each spring, but, amazingly enough, didn’t break, so might I recommend DKNY glasses to anyone in the market. Though, they are flaking paint, so it’s a soft recommend.

I’m telling you this because this event perfectly illustrates the dangers of me frequently changing venues while in last-minute-crazy writing mode. When in this mode, I’m never actually where I physically am, so minor accidents are a regular thing even when I’m in a familiar space. When the space is unfamiliar, it’s a real bettin’ man’s game as to how, and how badly, I am going to get hurt.

This incident is also illustrative of the ways in which I sometimes overestimate my own capabilities. Like, you know, my ability to walk through a door without personal injury. When we struck out in early June, I was working with two schedules – my loose itinerary and my release dates. No problem, said my confident self. That is five months between releases at the end of the year. Plenty of time.

Plenty of time. Nurp. Famous last words.

It was almost plenty of time. It could be plenty of time if I forced it. The nice thing about publishing on my own is that I never have to force it. I never have to submit a book that isn’t quite ready, and I wanted a little more time with this one. Which is why I pushed the Innocents release date back by three weeks to December 30th.

When it goes live, it will be on sale at $3.99 for the first two days, along with all my other books. Which, by the by, are already on sale. All books are only $2.99 or $3.99 through the end of the year.

This includes my historical new adult novel Club Storyville, which just received four honorable mentions in the Rainbow Awards finals to go along with the two it received in the first round of judging. Here they be –

“Other than the occasional structural glitch where I had to go back and re-read a sentence to make sense of it, this story is one of those wonderful experiences that remind me why I do this.”

“Good fun, good reading & entertaining plus a happily ever after. A compelling coming of age love story.”

“Couldn’t put it down, I wanted more! Extremely well written in all areas. Especially loved the characters and their relationship with each other.”

“Gosh, this was lovely – the writing is a bit ropey sometimes (nothing major) but it’s a very beautiful, languorously told story, with a deep sense of time and place. Loved it.”

I know. A list of complimentary quotes that starts right in with a critique kind of feels like a run-down of my (I hope) decent character that starts with “Remember when you used to be a turd?”, but the rest (well, most, at least) is pretty nice to read. Especially the “deep sense of time and place” bit. I love that part.

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