Becky Shaw & Other Such Stuff That Happened Up in NYC

So, before I jetted back across country to resume my humdrum life, I was in NYC for three days following the NYC excursion. And here’s how that went.

First, we were booked at one hotel for the entire three days, but when we got there, the chic at the desk wouldn’t let us check in early, even though we saw other people checking in. This angered Shawna, so we moved our reservation for the next two nights to a Hilton nearby. I know what you’re thinkin’. Hilton… funding Paris’ self esteem… bad idea. But I must say, I have never been mistreated or disappointed at a Hilton, so they remain my hotel of choice. And when we arrived the following day at said Hilton, three hours before check-in, they let us check right in. Score one for the Hilton. That first afternoon at our non-Hilton hotel, though, we did get to see some NYC firefighters at work.

Check it –

NYC Firefighters

That first night, we also went to see the play Becky Shaw. I wanted to see it because Annie Parisse was in it. Shawna agreed to see it because Kelly Bishop was in it. So that all worked out quite nicely. That night, I got a ridiculous migraine, for which my new cure, a cure that Shawna stole from some other headache-prone person, consists of several Motrin and a Benadryl. Let’s just say I was slightly loopy for the duration of the evening. But I do know this. Annie Parisse was truly awesome. Kelly Bishop was fabulous. And the two people who were the leads in the play quite conceivably delivered the two most annoying performances I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The first scene of the play was like a twenty minute scene with these two people, and I wanted to puncture my ear drums with my fingernails. Yes, it was that grating. As for the play itself, it didn’t know if it wanted to have a plot or be a standup act. After every major joke, it seemed like there was a pause for audience laughter. I was waiting for one of these —> Joke Drum Roll. All in all, I can’t recommend the play, but if you get a chance to see Annie Parisse on stage, you are missing out if you take a pass.

So, that’s the only think of real note we did in NYC. We do a lot of just hanging out when we go to the city – drinking cart coffee, getting pizza, that kind of thing.

We did go to the American Museum of Natural History, because we’d never been. If you like dinosaurs, and who the hell doesn’t like dinosaurs?, get thee to the museum. You will not be disappointed. They were crazy awesome.

Some museum pics:


2 Dinos


My youngest nephew is a dino nut and Triceratops is his favorite, so I’m going to get that last pic or a similar one made into a poster.

Shh, don’t tell him.

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