And On a Non-Ugly Note

Or maybe it is. I’m really not sure yet.

So, I was spirited away for a weekend in Dallas to avoid the latest snow fall in our newest interim home. As we checked into the hotel, we saw someone in a costume in the lobby, who looked as if he or she (it was difficult to tell with the giant animal head) walked straight out of a Sonic the Hedgehog video game.

No big. I’ve seen better costumes at hole in the wall pizza joints in NYC.

Then, coming back from an on-the-fly dinner at Whole Foods, we saw a slew of the well-dressed critters. That’s when we started to realize what had happened.

That’s right, kids. We are just in time for the Dallas furry convention, aka the Texas Furry Fiesta 2011.

Yes, those furries.

I hope no one tries to hump my leg.

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