2013 Rainbow Awards

Last week was incredibly good to me. On Monday, Black Forest: Kingdoms Fall received an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards. While, in most contests, an honorable mention means you are out of the running, in this contest it means at least one judge liked your book with exceeding enthusiasm. It was paired with a very nice snippet from a judge named Myranda, which you can read here -> Rainbow Awards Honorable Mentions <- or just below my really cool badge. HonorableMentionSM“I cannot express in words alone how much I loved this book, and unfortunately this is not the appropriate medium for interpretive dance. The retelling of classic fables and fairy tales is one of my very favorite things in the world and this book not only does that, it takes the theme a step further. Altogether excellent.” The next day, this happened – FinalistSM If you seek proof of this claim (and, really, why the hell would you trust me?) you can find it by searching this page -> Rainbow Awards Finalists <- for “Lesbian Fantasy”. I have also had quite a satisfying run on the Lesbian Romance bestseller list on Amazon, making it to the front page on several occasions, and have received some very positive reviews for Behind the Green Curtain. Organically. Which makes me quite happy.

Then there is this glowing review at Goodreads -> Epic Review <- which isn’t quite as organic, but is still most excellent.

It has been a very blessed few weeks – I mean that in the secular way, not the Sign-of-the-Cross way – and I am grateful to all who have read, reviewed and recommended.

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