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  1. I did drop a bowl not too long ago. And it did get pulverized. I went, “Well at least it wasn’t full of milk and cereal.” But not before going “Fuck! Shit! Dammit! Son of a Bitch! Argh!” Or the French equivalent

  2. Oh you can definitely do both. For instance, you drop a glass bread pan on the floor, and after it shatters into 15 million pieces, you can say “at least it didn’t fall on my foot and break my toe”, before cursing like a sailor.

  3. I don’t know. People are sometimes selfish that way.

    But look at it from the optimist’s point of view. Now you know and there are probably more dish-dropping opportunities in the future. 😉

  4. I usually do both, too, but I always hit the curses first, and THEN try to find something good about the situation. But not until I’m through cussing. :o)

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