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  1. Had the CSI Miami writers written the Horatio/Marisol storyline with any realism, the pairing would have been a very hot match-up. Caruso was one hot leading man on NYPD Blue. CBS chose, for whatever reason, to depict that storyline devoid of any emotion, sex, touching etc. making it the most unrealistic romance I have ever witnessed.

    CBS wasted the talents of both actors on that story arc and insulted its viewing audience. Blame that one on the writers, not Caruso and/or De La Garza.

  2. first, where is robinette? would he seventh?

    second, and i’m not saying i’m disappointed in you, Riley, but i think your current love *obsession* with WMC has clouded your vision. unfortunately, Angie ranks 3rd on my list. i know, i know, you’ve lost even more respect for me. here’s my list (i apologize in advance for the long comment):

    6. carey lowell – i completely agree. she’s just cold scary. not to mention that time she sold out Jack to the ethics committee. anyone else remember that?? i also can’t stand to watch any of the episodes with her in them. i’m glad they only stick to one or two during our beloved marathons (thanks Mr. Turner).

    5. Anne Parisse – i was surprised she ranked so high with you. she has an odd bone structure to her face. also, she’s a total weakling. i could have easily fought off the thugs coming through my front door. oh, and she had a nasily (sp?) voice.

    4. Jill Hennessy – when i made my list, i was actually upset she ended up this far down. i think because i love Jordan so much. i liked her and Jack together and i was very sad when she died. but really, she didn’t have much of a character and her suites were awful (let’s never revisit 90’s fashion).

    3. Angie Harmon – i know, i know!! please stop shouting!!!! here’s my deal, Abbie was just mean. i mean, she was mean. hot, yes, but mean. my heart goes out to when her Russian lawyer friend died. but other than that, she’s scary. she would push the red button every time and cackle, just like Hillary. i do like the drawl as well, but probably because i’m from Texas.

    2. Elizabeth Rohm – why doesn’t anyone like her but me? i don’t understand. maybe it’s a thing for blondes. i love Jeri Ryan as well. plus, there are both German. i don’t know if that means anything. how about the time Serena went into that store with knife guy and saved that woman’s life? you won’t catch Alex doing that (weakling).

    1. Alana De La Garza – if we’re going by a hotness factor, there’s no comparison. also, i agree about the hair. i didn’t really like her until this season’s two hour primere. it was a little wavy then, too. very nice.

    this was a fun saturday exercise. i hope you don’t dislike me too much! hope you’re having a great day!

  3. Yowza, did I have a a crush on Jill Hennessey’s ADA when I was a newly hatched baby dyke. In fact, she’s the only one I’ve ever liked (though there were a few I loathed – blondie Rohm being one of them). As much as I am pleasantly astonished how well Angie Harmon is doing with the character of Lindsay Boxer, I have to admit I thought she was a pretty bad actress when I only knew her as the L&O ADA. I think she _has_ certainly honed her skills since then, but I think a lot of it was the fact that in this procedural of all procedurals, there just wasn’t a lot for her – or any of the others – to work with when it came to fleshing out characters. Long live WMC.

  4. Okay, The Hotness, note how the list is titled “The Women of Law & Order…” So unless you know something that we don’t know, I’m going to say this list is all-inclusive. Of course, it’s all-inclusive only of the ADAs. It’s missing that horrendous cop chic from last season and Van Buren, who is F-in’ badass by the way. She could totally kick the asses of all the women on this list – at the same time.

    I like Annie Parisse. Weird face?!? Okay, maybe a little, but what’s wrong with a little imperfection?

    As for your girl crush on Elisabeth Rohm, and since you messed with Parisse’s face, let me just point this out to you. The next time you are watching a Rohm episode, note how much louder she talks than everyone else with whom she is doing a scene. It wasn’t a deciding factor or anything, but it is sorta distracting. And I didn’t say I disliked her. I just like the other three better. I did, however, like her considerably more on Angel.

    As for Angie, I can safely say that my love of her on WMC does not cloud my judgment on this. You want to talk unpopular opinions, let’s talk this one…

    I actually thought Angie looked better on L&O. She’s gotten just a touch too skinny in my opinion. But yes, Boxer is a better character and, yes, Angie’s acting is awesome now.

  5. According to my 6-year-old nephew Noah, this is the correct order. This will please you, The Hotness.

    1. Elisabeth Rohm
    2. Angie Harmon
    3. Carey Lowell (we’ll blame this on youthful confusion)
    4. Annie Parisse
    5. Jill Hennessy
    6. Alana De La Garza

  6. noah is a wise 6-year-old… for the most part. i apologize for picking on annie’s face. i should be so good looking… actually, i’ll go ahead and say it. i have much better bone structure than she does!

    also, to put myself on an even field, i don’t know if you ever noticed, but toward the end of her time Elizabeth’s skin started looking not so good. like she picked up smoking or something. a lot of smoking. maybe it’s just me.

  7. Gotta chime in here. The list is just about dead-on but I always had a thing for Jill Hessessey (started regularly watching once she joined the cast). Until Alana De La Garza joined, the top of my list was a tie between Angie & Jill. (Depending on whether I was into the button-down corporate type or the passionate, husky-voiced type at the time I was watching TNT.) While it wouldn’t be a 3-way tie (mmm…3-way… ‘Homer drool noise here’) Jill would still be right up there though.

    Sad to say but I had forgotten Annie Parisse. I remember being pissed as hell when she left the show but then Alana came on board…

    Great pics of these ladies too, Riley.

  8. I don’t know may I’m just a sucker for a woman with a body and not an imitation of a stick figure. I think that Annie Parisse, Jill Hennessey and Angie Harmon are gorgeous women but they are just too skinny. Especially if you compare them to their counerparts, Alana De La Whatever, maybe it should just be De La Hotness, Carey Lowell and Elisabeth Rohm. I just think that the latter three are far sexier. By the way all of you that think that Lowell is fugly, you should check out that couple of movies she did. She has killer legs

  9. Noah’s top pick is clearly correct, I mean Elisabeth Rohm is a dead ringer for his mommy! However, I must not see what the rest of the world does in Angie Harmon…I would put her 4th!

  10. As soon as Noah picked Rohm, I knew that it was because she looked the most like you. I’m no stranger to his ways.

    Regarding Angie… I don’t know what it is. Partly the voice, partly the nice hair, partly the attitude. She was just my favorite ADA, that’s all there is to it.

  11. I thought that Anni Parise was a disaster-whiny, wimpy, both as an actress and her character. Casting had an off day, when they hired her. I’ve seen her in other things, and she’s just bad all around.
    Jill Hennesey…loved the way they did that “are they or aren’t they” thing with Sam Waterston! Those two had CHEMISTRY! But as an ADA…Claire was too idealistic, I always had the feeling that one day, she was gonna say, “Things aren’t going MY way, so I’m taking my toys and goin’ home.” Which was what she was about to do. Then again, maybe she would have married Jack, and lived happily ever after. I just felt that Claire wouldn’t have lasted as a real life ADA.

    Paul Robinette…What a hunk! And, a smart, savvy character. He played very well off Ben Stone. Wish this actor was more visible on tv. He’s not too shabby.

    Angie Harmon…egads. This model runs the gamut from sneer to snarl, with nothing in between. Another gaffe by casting. And writing. The character was one dimensional. Very little shading, but a better actress would have done a lot more with it.

    Carey Lowell…I loved Jamie! She was one who didn’t back down to Jack, not from the beginning, and as a result, I always thought Jack had a thing for her. But, since it wasn’t reciprocated, they fell into a sort of sibling relationship. You know, he’s my stinky big brother, so no one is allowed to hit him but me sort of thing. And, vice versa. I’m the only one allowed to pick on her, so leave my little sister alone or I’ll smash you one!
    Jamie was smart, had a lot of legal experiance, and that played well, too, to have someone as an ADA who was as sharp as Jack. And, I thought Carey Lowell played it right.

    Anna DeLaGarza…Not too shabby…I loved how she rolled her eyes, and told Jack, she didn’t want to hear his war stories…and how he looked ready to laugh when she said that. These two had a nifty little relationship…wonder if it coulda been more? And, Connie is sharp, smart, and not afraid to work hard.

    Elisabeth Rohm…I liked her. I liked the character. She played it, the way you should, when you’re younger, when your boss is male, and you work in a male dominated setting. You tread a fine line between letting them know you have a brain in your head, yet not stepping on male egos. Serena was, like Jamie and Connie and Claire, smart, not afraid to get her hands dirty, not afraid to take the initiative, or to suggest things to Jack. These women had ovaries! LOL!

  12. I found this site while looking for information on Alana de la Garza who I recognized but couldn’t remember from where until today when I found that was Marisol Delko from CSI Miami. Although she’s new to LOL, she has quickly become my favorite ADA – if the standard is “hotness”. Angie always struck me as a pretty “boy”. Cary was the most realistic (being a lawyer, I know!). Annie and Jill filled the role admirably, and Elisabeth . . . well, until Alana, my favorite. A tough blonde, willing to stand her ground with Jack and Fred. I hope Alana sticks around so her character can develop more fully (since her figure certainly has!). Right now, I’m sad because Jesse L. Martin left LOL last night. Life goes on . . . .

  13. Alana is very hot she should be number 1 on your list. I saw pictures that were leaked from her recent wedding. Her new husband is gorgeous and I’m impressed that she married a Marine. Those two are going to make beautiful babies. Does anyone know her new husbands name?

  14. Wow, I’m very surprised here. I put Carey Lowell as a tie for #1 with Annie Parisse. Both are smoking hot. The others are hot, but these 2 are far and away my favorites!!

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