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  1. The episode, in general, did not disappoint.

    So true about that first crime scene scene 🙂
    And then the “Laser Vision” and Cindy all “alright alright I’m not getting in the Jeep. Sheesh!!

    Oh and bad lines; What is with Claire using terms like “down there” that is so Shonda Rhimes and not cool.

  2. i think i rememebered my fav line: “you will not even notice me in the back seat!”

    so cute.

    thanks for all the commentary. i need to go back and watch again. you should make a video out of the this one episode.

    side note: double stack *immature sniker.

  3. riley, though it is great to have the grrls back, i must confess i still prefer you characters and the depth and sweetness of stories. thanks , as always.

  4. Wow, Jana, thanks 🙂 That makes me feel awesome.

    I know, isn’t double-stack awesome? I’m totally never going to be able to watch that scene without imagining… er, thinking about… it.

    Don’t like Laura Harris huh? I thought, in general, this epi wasn’t very well-acted. New directors I figured, not quite comfy with them yet.

  5. ups, i wasn’t supposed to post just a AH! I wanted to say that (ah!) I’m finally here too, I’ve watched the episode and I can’t get it out of my mind…
    Okay, it wasn’t as good as the last ones were, don’t you think? I mean, that first scene was just… horrible (both the driving and Linsday and Jacobi’s dialogue, especially the “not good” line. it makes the hair on the back of my head raise up. Can we vote to kick all the writers off the show and put YOU at their place? I can’t believe how much more real and fenomenal your Jacobi is than the one from this eppy).
    So here, I’m only a couple of minutes in it and I’m already thinking “they’ll have to do a LOT better if they want people to watch the damn show!”.
    But then… that Lindsay-Cindy scene, the little run to get to the redhead, the dialogue, and that SMILE. oh god. how come not one of the writers has thought to put these two together?!?! Anyhow, it appears that Cindy has managed to get down all the initial walls Lindsay had put up (like: no frist names in public -i couldn’t believe lindsay didn’t kill cindy for shouting her name so loud.. but, as you said, 4 months have gone by…- or no duking the tape.. eh, i really like the new level of friendship they have now. They even know what they’re supposed to be doing!)
    Anyhow. I thought they’d spend more time on trying to solve the KMN case and instead… NOTHING! what does that mean? Are they not going to talk about him anymore???
    The pancake was just SO CUTE!!!! (send lotsa hugs to your gf for that double-stack, she has made my day!)
    I’m not even going to mention that blondie Lindsay’s all hot about. Actually, I’m going to pretend none of that ever happened.
    I hated Lindsay lying to Cindy, but that could lead to very sexy and hot make-up sex (only imagined of course). er, am i the only one that has thought about it?
    Huh, one last thingie.. I hated how Lindsay is reacting to the dad-thing, it’s so out of character, I think…
    Also, it took Clair FOUR months to kick Jill out?? I would have given her two weeks at the most..
    And wait a second, who was that man waiting for Lindsay at her house?? Where did he come from and why hasn’t his presence been explained?
    Ok, I’m done ranting (I’m sorry for taking up the space on your blog, but I couldn’t resist!) and even though I didn’t like the episode too much, I’ve watched it two times already and the sub-text is.. just WOW!!

  6. While I was tickled with the episode due solely to subtext factor, I do agree that it was lacking in comparison to the others. Most of the changes were not good. The writing was fairly weak, not very in character.

    You know what? I’m going to stop this comment now, because this is a post in itself.

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