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  1. Nephews can be fun… Right! But I do love it knuckleheads for some reason (damned mammalian biology!).

    Several years ago, my brother brought the family up to Chicago. While we were at the Field Museum, the youngest doofus decided it was time to charge across the main hall. I managed to catch him in a one-armed grab which spun me around – his feet were parallel to the floor do to the centripedal force.

    As we spun, his feet narrowly missed a little old lady (that the goon would’ve barreled into anyway).

    As I handed him back to his mother (he got a whuppin’ as my southern uncles used to say), I told the older lil’ terror, “You two are the reason I won’t have any kids that live.”

    Of course he had to ask, “But why?”

    Scary thing? The older one is now a mechanical engineer at some aerospace firm in Texas…

  2. Noah is truly awesome for a little butt munch. No, he’s a cool kid. A little high strung, but definitely cool.

    So, let’s see if I am understanding you Mr. O’Connor. You are using your nephew as a weapon for taking out little old ladies? That’s brutal.

    A mechanical engineer – Very impressive. Especially for someone who was once a young child.

    This totally goes against my theory that all people in highly skilled fields are actually alien life forms. Is it just me or is it hard to believe that any species that behave the way that we humans do in our toddler stage have a chance of being anything other than nudist serial killers?

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