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  1. Hi,
    I just recently discovered your work here and it’s absolutely smashing! You get the characters right down to their toenails and your prose is beautifully smooth.
    The prequel to this one is probably my favourite, but they’re all good.

  2. Best. Sequel. Ever. Or better yet I can honestly say that all of your fics are the best ever! You have captured every character, be it Lindsay or Martha, perfectly. Thanks for that!!

  3. Excellent conclusion on this wonderful series. I hope you can at some point find a way to continue with this theme of the evolution of their relationship. I admire your exceptional skill at capturing the essence of this couple expressed with the lightheartedness that compelles the reader to always want more. Great Job!!!
    PS: Please at some point update the Extreme Sensitivity Series.

  4. Brilliant ending, my friend, brilliant ending! I love this story with wild abandon and was so excited to see it updated. I do hope you keep writing, whether it be this story or another one. Anything that will allow me to sink into the world of the Women’s Murder Club once again and suspend reality for a little while.

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