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  1. i was thinking while i was reading the email, “this is so dramatic,” i couldn’t figure out why then when i read that you added the centering i was like, “whoa, that’s amazing.”

    glad you got a break from crazy cubicle lady. i’d been wondering about Inamorata. but i’m really enjoying extreme sensitivity. it’s fun.

  2. So, congratulations? You’re one step closer to getting fired.

    And a chapter of ES is more than enough. I’m enjoying it immensely. More on that over there.

    I know I’m gonna miss Inamorata when it’s done. I can only imagine how you must feel. Take your time with it. Genius cannot be rushed.

  3. Yeah, centering = drama. Put that in your book for future use in life.

    I really don’t think I am that much closer to getting fired. I just think my boss was on his period this week.

  4. I’ve been exactly where you are – in cubicle-land even. If you aren’t going to be here on time (read: before or soon after I get in) then you need to let me know. Right. I’m right on that. Really.

    And as for your fic – I’m just happy when an update comes along 🙂 Makes my life in dilbertville that much better. Especially since I can actually get your page through the firewall at work!

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