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  1. Ok, I find that you’re already very generous with your writing, so asking for something else feels a little greedy, but since you offered… here’s what I was thinking.

    It occurred to me that it’s been about a year (give or take) since I started coming to your blog and reading. (the anniversary of me commenting is more around feb/march) It’s also been about a year since House Arrest. If it’s a universe you think you’d want to revisit, I would love a sequel of sorts. Just a one shot WMC Lindsay/Cindy celebrating their one-year anniversary fic. (I told you it would be shocking) 😉 I know it’s totally corny and sappy. But isn’t that what the holidays are about, corn and sap.

    And I would never presume to know what other people might like, however, I have a feeling that with this one story you would be able to thank two birds with one stone. Because I believe there may be another adoption coming soon, and that this adopter might enjoy this story as well.

    So this is what I would like. But whether you decide to do it or not, you are the coolest. 🙂

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