Behind the Green Curtain – Now Available (Kind Of)

For those of you awaiting news on Behind the Green Curtain, there’s both good and bad. The good news is it’s finished and uploaded on Amazon and Smashwords. The bad news is it’s only showing up as available on Smashwords right now. You can find it at Behind the Green Curtain on Smashwords.

I do hope to see it on Amazon tonight, but I am filled with doubt.

Here’s some more good news, though. If you like to save money and that sort of thing. The book is launching with an introductory price of $6.99, which will be good through Friday, September 20th on both Amazon and Smashwords. After that, the price will go up to $8.99. I’m not putting that information in the description, since it stuck around the last time long after I deleted it. So, you know, tell your friends and book club and the mail carrier, because I totally know your mail carrier is reading lesbian erotic romance in the mail truck on lunch breaks.

And you know it too.

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