A Special Gift from Gram V – The Playlist

I don’t generally listen to music with lyrics while I’m writing. I find other people’s words too distracting when I’m trying to write my own. I also don’t have specific songs in mind for specific scenes of a book. That’s more movie-writing stuff to me.

I do, however, build a playlist with each book that captures the mood of the story for me. I listen to these playlists while I gear up to write, or when I hit a slump during the day to get me back in the spirit of things.

For those interested, here is the playlist I created for A Special Gift from Gram V.

1 – Where Are You Christmas, Faith Hill
2 – I Believe in Father Christmas, Greg Lake
3 – Everybody’s Got a Story, Amanda Marshall
4 – Grown-Up Christmas List, Amy Grant
5 – The Secret of Christmas, SHeDAISY
6 – I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Al Green
7 – All Roads to the River, Kathy Mattea
8 – Love is My Religion, Ziggy Marley

If anyone uses Spotify, you can find the playlist HERE.

And if it was available on Spotify, I would have included this song –

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