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  1. Suing the government is the wrong approach. The feds are already doing a horrible job at screwing up our country. Our Cap and Trade bill (good in concept, but horrible in practice) will result in businesses outsourcing mroe jobs to avoid the extra expenses. Our President wants to push for a 2nd stimulus package when we have only spent around 14% of the first one. He wants to completely destroy our health care system instead of fixing the big problems such as frivolous lawsuits and out of control insurance companies (the problems will still be there if it is socialized medicine). etc.etc.etc…

    Now on to rights. We all are losing our rights…little by little. Personally, I believe that we have bigger problems than just gay marriage such as the slow erosion of our free speech. But here are my suggestions for gays:

    1) Stop idiots like Perez Hilton from lashing out. Instead of Carrie Prejean just stating her opinion, she turned into a spokesperson against gay marriage. How does it help to give the opposition ammunition?
    2) Organize rallies similar to the Tea Parties. These parties are growing in size and use avarage people to deliver their message to the masses. They really drove home our Consititutional rights and show why they believe the things they do. It was all positive. They also had petitions, information on how to get involved with the movement, etc. They showed how to spread the word
    3) Spread positive messages. Show the positive effects of gay marriage. Too often, the public hears about bad gay bars and the questionable behaviors in them. Yes, straights do it too, but the press does not cover them. You have to use the press to your advantage and beat the bad rep. give to the group unfairly.

    This is just my opinion. I thought I would share it.

  2. First off… thanks Rev 🙂

    Now onward –

    While I agree wholeheartedly on the issue of freedom of speech in this country, as well as privacy and freedom in general really, I find that straight people can always find a problem slightly more important than gay rights. Since straight people can, in fact, get married, collect social security and insurance benefits, and sit next to their partner’s bedside when they are in intensive care, it is a really difficult assessment for them to make fairly.

    As for Massachusetts suing the government, I believe their chosen course of action was in response to congress extending some benefits to federal employees’ same sex partners, but refusing to extend all benefits, because it violated the Defense of Marriage Act. You can only fight law with law.

    Yes, Perez Hilton is an obnoxious loudmouth, but those people exist on both sides. And I really don’t think anything that Perez can say will give anyone additional ammunition. As far as I can tell, their arsenal is pretty well stocked already, and I would much rather them say “Damn, that gay man is loud and annoying” than try to convince their neighbors that he preys on children.

    As far as spreading positive messages, it’s a good idea in theory. But, the fact is, I have been out at every job that I have ever had, and it didn’t change anyone’s opinion. People were either accepting or they weren’t and knowing that I was in a committed relationship never changed anything.

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