7 Things: (Male!) Celebrities I Think Are Sexy – #1

Russell Brand

Surprised? Yeah, so was I.

After watching Russell Brand on The Rosie Show, though, I realized that I sort of love the man.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of people complain about how he is impossible to understand. Honestly, I think he just has an extensive vocabulary and a unique way of speaking that proves confusing to those who like their sentences in snippets of five words or less.

Of course, he also doesn’t claim to love the U.S., in all of its equality-faking glory, which is likely a sore point for many Americans.

He has a checkered, pain-filled past, and his run-ins with the law are likely to continue, I suspect, but his ability to overcome so much and his willingness to speak openly about what he has been through is brave.

When I see him not acting and hear him speak his own words, he just strikes me as a super intelligent, genuine, kind, funny man.

And when he doesn’t make it crazy, he has amazing hair.

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