Zachary Quinto Comes Out

Visibility does give rise to change. The more people who live open lives, the more people are forced to accept the fact that differences won’t go away just because they believe that everyone should be uniform, and, by uniform, of course, I mean exactly like them.

Not only is Zachary Quinto coming out important as far as exposure and strength in numbers go, it’s important because of the magnitude of his celebrity at this moment in time. Many public faces have waited to come out until they have first squeezed every last drop of fame that they could from their careers, making sure that they reached the pinnacle before conceivably facilitating their own decline. But we are talking about Spock on the rise here.

And here —> Being Counted for Change

That’s brave.

He also did it for a heartfelt reason and with perfect timing, midway between National Coming Out Day and Spirit Day, for the people for whom it would mean the most, those who are afraid to be themselves because a whole lot of the world is still a hostile environment in which to be gay.


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