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  1. let me share my tuesday night dilemma. WMC, Shark, SVU all at 9:00. what’s a girl to do?

    thankfully, i have two dvr units. i’m dvr-ing WMC and SVU (as they are my favs and i’m def going to want to watch them more than once). i’ll watch Shark because i’m not as anxious to get through the commercials and don’t care to watch it again. i do love Jeri Ryan though (who should totally be on your top 40 list, i believe she hit 40 in Feb.).

    so, is dvr-ing acceptable? i don’t want to spoil your ratings ploy.

  2. Who’s excited about WMC? Uh…ME I’m excited beyond friggin’ belief!!! 24 hours an 50 minutes to go!

    I like the sabotage idea. Besides SVU has already been picked up for next year so if people must watch Robin Williams play yet another horned-rimmed glasses wearing perv, couldn’t they just tape it and watch the awesomeness of Harmon, Dollar and al?

    I have also been indulging in some fantasies of my own. One of them takes place the morning after when I check to see the overnight ratings and discover that WMC has exceeded everyone’s expectations. I read on some random entertainement site, where the writers are extremely fond of their punny headlines, that “The Club” murderred its competition and made Robin Williams its “special victim”. That makes me happy 🙂

  3. Well I may count as one of the voting public. We have a Nielsen topbox, and myself and everyone in the house… and maybe a couple of ‘friends’ will be watching WMC

  4. Hilarious! Count me in! I didn’t even know they were bringing it back! Apparently I’ve been slacking…

  5. I sure wish they sold the show on iTunes, so people could buy it!

    Meanwhile, I and my non-Nielsen friends and family will wait patiently.

  6. Don’t know no Neilsens or even Nillsons. But I will be watching as will my brother & his family (didn’t even have to prompt them – big fans although completely dense when it comes to subtext).

    I’m a big L&O fan – since the Jill Hennessey days. I dutifully watched SUV but didn’t like CI. Now, I find I’m fascinated by CI & am getting bored with SUV. That show needs shaking up.

    But Robin Williams doing a pervy skeez ain’t it. (Isn’t that why his movies have been tanking lately?)

    I’m definitely watching & pushing friends to do the same. Unfortunately, ABC’s less-than-stellar idea to put it up against an NBC powerhouse is…shall we say stupid? Yeah, stupid is a good choice.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed (& my phone off) starting at 9 PM.

  7. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I know this is totally against our battle to bring WMC back for next season, but I have absolutely NO WAY of watching it and letting ABC know that I am actually watching it!! 🙁

    So, first of all it’s 9:15 over here. And guess what? No WMC in Italy yet.
    I’ll have to wait until I can download it from the internet (I hope in a couple of days).. it sucks!!!

    Second of all, I want the show to air here too so that I can make all of my friends watch it. But usually TVs over here don’t buy shows that are not doing so great (or ARE doing great but are not going to be signed for more than one season)..

    so, you go Riley. I’m counting on you!

  8. Oh you guys. We may have seriously failed in this quest. Next stop, considerably more drastic measures.

    I know, Lucille. I hate that this post leaves out all of those non U.S. WMC fans!

  9. why did we fail in this quest???? what happened?!?! (don’t give me any spoilers though! I’ve only barely managed to skip your post about the episode… I’ve found out long ago that spoilers actually spoil my fun with watching a show…)

    I guess waiting for it to be downloaded will have to do. I HATE waiting and I want to comment it with you and to SEE it, but I’ll wait. This morning it was already up there, but it’s slowly taking its effin’ time!!!

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