Kos – The Little Island with the Big Mosaic

Kos lies not too far off the the western coast of Turkey. This isn’t a geography lesson. I may be the last person on Earth from whom anyone would want to take a geography lesson. I’m only telling you this because I took a ferry there from Bodrum once.

Well… last month, actually.

We spent the entire time in Kos Town, where we walked through ruins, gazed at the ocean, and ate super delicious ice cream cones and pastries that were pretty much Baklava sans nuts wrapped around layers of vanilla-cream goodness.

Kos is a rather stunning place, with its relics of the past and turquoise waters that bleed into deep blue.

Also, I wanted hard candy and they sold me really good hard candy.

Now, that’s some Flintstones-style tropical antiquity right there.

 photo Mosaics-Left-Behind.jpg
 photo WesternExcavation.jpg

How you declare your eternal (you know, like at LEAST until next semester) commitment in Kos.

 photo Kos-Tree-Carvings.jpg

Nymphalum! Bwahaha. Back in the day, I would have spent all my time here.

 photo Nymphalum.jpg

Oooh… Pebbles in front, mountains in back.

 photo Clear-Aegean.jpg

Sunset from the balcony. We rose at an ungodly hour for this. Like seven.

 photo Sunrise-on-the-Aegean.jpg

You know even the poop chamber in this place had a view.

 photo Castle-of-the-Knights-and-A.jpg

A little light prayer?

 photo Defterdar-Mosque.jpg
Nefterdar Mosque

How about here? Prayer for everyone. (PS – Apparently everyone did love congregating here, on these curvy stairs, mainly to get their selfie on, because I waited forevah for this damn photo.)

 photo Agia-Paraskevi-Night.jpg

Look at this street. LOOK at this street. That’s like thousands year old steps with hundreds year old buildings. Crumbling and flaking and falling into that general dilapidation where everything is still structurally sound, but way more awesome.

 photo The-Past-Old-and-New.jpg

And now –

A Story About a Kos Cat

This Kos cat.

This Kos cat was an asshole.

Riley said, “Oh my goshness, this Kos cat has the mintiest green eyes I’ve ever seen. I must get a picture of this cat’s pretty eyes.”

 photo 8d6a10ce-48c5-45fb-84f9-84a885a8944e.jpg

This Kos cat said, “Fuck you. No paparazzi.”

“Hmmph,” Riley said. “Maybe this Kos cat just noticed something in the grass at the exact moment I snapped the photo. I’ll try again.”

 photo no-paparazzi-cat-2.jpg

“What did I say?” this Kos cat said.

“I’m going to get you, You Little Asshole!” Riley proclaimed. “Take that!”

 photo 12c0baa6-d83c-4262-8292-b34851913e78.jpg

“Blurry, so blurry,” said this Kos cat.

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