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  1. Hey now…I love Josh Groban’s voice, as does my mom, but that’s okay if you don’t. I have to admit I didn’t see any of the awards show, but just read the list of winners and am thoroughly disgusted. 30 Rock? Whatever.

    Hey, I was with you that time you saw Tina Fey…although at the time I only vaguely knew who she was.

  2. I’m a little proud to say that I don’t think I’ve ever heard Josh Groban sing.

    Go Team Me!

    In other news, I was pleasantly surprised to find that after I logged off the WMC chat on Saturday that my books were waiting for me on the living room table. Of course the “bad” news is that I’ve been reading it ever since and am now only 15 pages from the end, which means it almost over. Phooey!

  3. Ever curious, I looked him up on youtube and must say I’m with you. As far as I’m concerned, he gets nothing flowing for me…

  4. Didn’t watch the Emmys. (something about them being on ABC. I know, I know I should get over it already) Don’t care about Josh Groban, one way or another. But after reading so much about his ‘performance’ I too checked it out on youtube.

    I’m going to have to agree with the general consensus and Bart Simpson. It is absolutely, unequivocally possible for something to both suck and blow!

  5. I’m glad some people share this opinion, though it’s not a popular one. I told my brother that I don’t enjoy Josh Groban’s voice tonight, and I thought he was gonna cry.

    And as for love juices… sometimes it’s essential to talk like a bad romance novel. Remember that. It’s an important life lesson.

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