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  1. ha! okay, so the first word that popped into my head was “inordinate.” so i looked it up on three different dictionary sights to make sure of the meaning.

    “exceeding reasonable limits,” like your coffee drinking? i like it, i’ll stick with it.

    also, i’d like to throw out “bull-headed.” though i don’t know you in person, my instinct says you have a stubborn streak.

  2. Calulating

    Hey you asked for it …but please don’t take it to the extreme it may sound. like in a good way hmmm aaaaa ya

  3. Heh, see how fun this is?

    So, I love that I exude wittiness, and I can see how you got that. I do try to be more funny than morbid on here. The peculiar thing, though? In my real everyday behavior, I’m a lot more Inamorata than Temporary Girlfriend and House Arrest! Though I’d like to be a little more TG and HA. Is that your way of telling me you’d like another light-hearted story? I’m working on it!

    You know, “inordinate” actually isn’t a bad descriptive word for me, and your “bull=headed” got a good chuckle. Not from me. I’ve been told to tell you that you have good intuition. I think that’s a load of crap 🙂 Damn it 🙁

    Idiosyncratic? I really think that I have no choice but to accept that as truth.

  4. How’bout “Prolific”
    Though it sometimes feels like an eternity between story updates, it really isn’t.

    And as it relates to my own Lindsay/Cindy addiction
    I reiterate “Enabler”

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