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  1. Brilliant. You should teach β€œWriting Love Triangles 101” and most TV writers should take the class.

    Of course you realize that as the last part is approaching the twitter-pressure will be increasing. πŸ˜‰

  2. The best remedy against pre-Christmas and work stress πŸ™‚
    You always bring me back to contemplate the wonders of Women’s Murder Club and what happened that made it turn out that way, you know, with the insane chemistry that makes canon lesbians look lame, and AH turning Lindsay into a character who is so utterly messed up and loveable at the same time.
    I wish you could do 300something pages of novels of them (and get paid for it of course).
    What I’m meaning to say is… thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. Ah, what a lovely thing to come in from 3 hrs of snow shoveling to! Even if it made me sniffle madly.
    I love (y)our messed up Linds!

  4. one of my fave chapters in the story so far..i can totally picture/imagine angie harmon as lindsay in this story:).. can’t wait for the next installment.. hopefully very soon..Please!!!

  5. loved it.. it was time for Linds to be brave.. and in the end someone will have to get hurt and im sorry but i hope it will be Jill.. and if she is honest.. she knew all along that Cindy was never hers completely.. im loving that fic.. truly..

    thanks for the update

  6. I agree with am23. Probably the best chapter so far in this installment. Nothing personal about Jill, but she and Cindy simply don’t have the chemistry that Lindsay has with Cindy. It just can’t work… looking forward to seeing the world made right by Riley.

  7. I don’t mind a *little* Twitter pressure. Keeps me on my toes. If the next chapter I write isn’t on Conversations About a Redhead though, I may be kicked out of my own home, so I may have to fulfill that first. And I would never teach such a course. I don’t want to be giving other bitches my best stuff πŸ˜‰

    You’re welcome, Barb, and I hope it satisfied.

    Can you exchange goods or services to get someone to shovel snow for you? I’d recommend it. Or get a dog and teach it how to shovel. Heh, I accidentally typed shuffle first, which is actually funnier.

    I am glad that everyone liked the chapter. Well, at least everyone who commented. And I am grateful that those who hated the chapter chose not to comment.

    I wish I had the power to make the world right… *sigh*… but I’ll at least do my best story-wise.

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