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    1. You’re as young as you feel. Or is it as young as you act? Hopefully you still qualify either way 😉 And, if you’ve never driven out west, it really is a must do. I recently learned that my father, who turns 64 this month, has never seen a desert in person.

  1. Hm, desert. I did live smack-dab in the middle of Texas for a while (where they like to say smack-dab), but not the desert-y part of the state. And I took a trip to Vegas once (where I fully expected to be greeted at the airport gate by the authorities and informed that individuals who neither drink nor gamble are not allowed to enter the city) but didn’t see the desert up close there either. But I’m not 64 yet. Quite. 🙂

    1. Oddly enough, they’ve let me into Vegas too. Though if they’d barred me from entering it would have spared me some unhealthy doses of secondhand smoke, brushes with fur coats and pajama pant sightings.

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