Black Forest: Kingdoms Fall

In the Black Forest, Cinderella lives in slavery, Rapunzel in captivity, and Snow White in exile. Stories only half told, each maiden waits. For better. For rescue. Or for death. Whichever comes for her first.

When Cinderella comes face to face with her so-called happy ending in the form of Prince Friedrich “Charming” of Troyale, she does not see her future with the prince as rescue, but as just another life of compromise. Fleeing his amorous intentions, Cinderella inadvertently slips between stories, emerging in a kingdom far from her own and finding true happiness with a beautiful maiden trapped high in a tower.

But the storyteller is not finished with Cinderella, and he is none too pleased with her defiance of his design. Determined to put his stubborn heroine back into her own story, he sends captors, conflicts, enemies and grief. In order to hold onto the freedom and happiness she has found in the world beyond her own pages, Cinderella must take on an unexpected role - reluctant leader of a forest-wide revolution.

Black Forest: Kingdoms Fall is a tale of strong maidens, noble peasants, arrogant princes, blood magic, redemption, and seven bodacious dwarves.

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Black Forest: Magicks Rise

After the revolution of Black Forest: Kingdoms Fall, the Black Forest is a different world - an autonomous world of truth, free will, and wide-open destiny.

When a lingering threat emerges, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and their friends find themselves up against an enemy far more powerful than they ever could have imagined. With strangers amongst them and one of their own compromised, they are forced again into a fight for their futures.

Before they can stand against their common enemy, though, this ragtag band of revolutionaries must come to terms with each other, as secrets unravel, loyalties are tested, and an unpredictable magic spreads throughout the land.

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Black Forest: Stories End

Cinderella escaped her story. Rapunzel, her tower. Snow White, her coffin.

All three escaped their predetermined fates. Along with all of their friends. Now, they live in the Black Forest as they choose, with families of their own making, and love that is true.

When a stranger comes seeking the Knight of Three Kingdoms for help with a threat to his own land, Cinderella and her friends discover the problem is far bigger than just one kingdom. As the world starts to crumble and loved ones are lost, they must try to unravel who wants the Black Forest and everyone in it banished from existence. Before there is nothing, and no one, left in the forest to save.

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